Saturday, July 12, 2008

Simulations for Sunday, July 13th

Teams Playing Pitching Matchup Vegas Favorite Vegas ML Vegas O/U Simulator Odds Sim/Actual Runs AccuScore Winner
Marlins vs Dodgers A.Miller vs C.Billingsley Dodgers -151/+143 8.0,O-115,U+105 51.50% 8.67/10 67%/8.9 Dodgers
DBacks vs Phillies B.Webb vs C.Hamels Phillies -140/+132 7.5,O-119,U+109 56.06% 8.69/9 64%/7.4 Phillies
Rockies vs Mets M.Redman vs M.Pelfrey Mets -162/+154 9.0,O-115,U+105 57.63% 7.94/7 60%/9.6 Mets
Giants vs Cubs T.Lincecum vs R.Dempster Cubs -147/+139 TBD 54.44% 8.76/6 TBD Giants
Cardinals vs Pirates J.Pineiro vs I.Snell Cardinals -106/-102 9.0,O-131,U+121 51.74% 8.72/17 53%/9.7 Cardinals
Braves vs Padres J.Campillo vs R.Wolf Padres -111/+103 7.5,O+104,U-114 40.42% 6.36/15 47%/8.2 Braves
Astros vs Nationals B.Backe vs O.Perez Astros -104/-104 8.5,O-110,U+100 56.11% 8.31/5 53%/9.2 Astros
Reds vs Brewers H.Bailey vs C.Sabathia Brewers -230/+212 8.5,O-114,U+104 63.90% 8.79/5 72%/9.3 Brewers
Rays vs Indians S.Kazmir vs J.Sowers Rays -140/+132 8.5,O-117,U+107 60.98% 9.55/7 55%/9.4 Indians
Angels vs A's J.Saunders vs J.Duchscherer A's -124/+116 7.0,O-106,U-104 53.20% 7.50/7 53%/6.8 Angels
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Method Amount Bet Gain/Loss Day Current Total
Xeifrank's Simulator $3208 $642 $5000
AccuScore $2931 $2040 $5000
Pinnacle Sports
I am now making ficticious bets to track how well my simulator is doing vs Vegas Odds and AccuScore. I will use the same betting method for both my simulator and AccuScore vs Vegas odds to see which method would win/lose more money. Odds will be taken from and when not available from LV Hilton Sports Book. This method will begin keeping track on games starting 7/13/08. The Kelly Strategy will be used for all ML (Money Line) bets. I won't be posting all the bets made as that takes up too much of my time. I will only be posting how much money in total bets I am making for the day (ahead of time). I started each method with $5,000 units.

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