Thursday, July 10, 2008

Simulations for Friday, July 11th

Teams Playing Pitching Matchup Sim Favorite Simulator Odds Sim/Actual Runs Vegas Odds AccuScore Winner
Marlins vs Dodgers C.Volstad vs E.Stults Dodgers 54.22% 9.33/4 58.33%/8.5 64.00%/9.4 Marlins
DBacks vs Phillies D.Davis vs K.Kendrick Phillies 54.35% 9.37/11 58.33%/9.5 63.00%/9.5 Phillies
Rockies vs Mets A.Cook vs O.Perez Mets 51.77% 8.16/3 54.55%/8.5 53.00%/9.0 Mets
Giants vs Cubs M.Cain vs J.Marquis Cubs 55.15% 9.32/4 60.78%/11.0 56.00%/11.4 Cubs
Cardinals vs Pirates K.Lohse vs Z.Duke Cardinals 50.51% 8.36/6 51.92%/8.5 53.00%/9.7 Cardinals
Braves vs Padres J.Reyes vs J.Peavy Braves 53.35% 6.36/4 41.67/7.0 37.00%/7.8 Padres
Astros vs Nationals R.Oswalt vs T.Redding Astros 58.36% 7.93/10 55.56%/8.0 61.00%/8.3 Nationals
Reds vs Brewers J.Fogg vs M.Parra Brewers 64.21% 9.48/11 63.37%/9.0 62.00%/10.0 Reds
Rays vs Indians S.Shields vs C.Lee Indians 53.23% 8.00/5 50.00%/8.0 49.00%/8.3 Indians
Angels vs A's J.Garland vs S.Gallagher Angels 50.34% 8.21/11 51.92%/8.0 53.00%/9.0 A's
Simulator Setup File Download
Method Amount Bet Gain/Loss
Xeifrank's Simulator $0.00 $0.00
AccuScore $0.00 $0.00
Pinnacle Sports
I am now making ficticious bets to track how well my simulator is doing vs Vegas Odds and AccuScore. I will use the same betting method for both my simulator and AccuScore vs Vegas odds to see which method would win/lose more money. Odds will be taken from and when not available from LV Hilton Sports Book. This method will begin keeping track on games starting 7/12/08. The Kelly Strategy will be used for all ML (Money Line) bets.

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