Monday, April 27, 2015

Best Daily Fantasy Pitcher Starts

Monday 4/27/2015 Best Fantasy Pitcher Starts
1Corey KluberTBD
2John LackeyTBD
3David PriceTBD
4James ShieldsTBD
4Brett AndersonTBD
4Doug FisterTBD
7Ubaldo JimenezTBD
8Jason HammelTBD
9Jarred CosartTBD
10Joe KellyTBD
11Adam WarrenTBD
12Jason MarquisTBD
13Collin McHughTBD
14Chase AndersonTBD
15Yovani GallardoTBD
16Jimmy NelsonTBD
17Vance WorleyTBD
17Dillon GeeTBD
19Eric StultsTBD
20Taijuan WalkerTBD
21Cole HamelsTBD
22Tyler MatzekTBD
23Tim LincecumTBD
24Nathan KarnsTBD
25Jason VargasTBD
26Hector NoesiTBD
27Aaron SanchezTBD
28Tommy MiloneTBD

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Best Daily Fantasy Pitcher Starts

Sunday 4/26/2015 Best Fantasy Pitcher Starts
1Chris ArcherTBD
2Drew PomeranzTBD
3Lance LynnTBD
4Hector SantiagoTBD
4Roenis EliasTBD
4Francisco LirianoTBD
7Nathan EovaldiTBD
8Edinson VolquezTBD
9Jake ArrietaTBD
10Brandon MorrowTBD
11Carlos CarrascoTBD
12Jerome WilliamsTBD
13Dan HarenTBD
14Wade MileyTBD
15Gio GonzalezTBD
16Anthony DeSclafaniTBD
17Scott BakerTBD
18Taylor MatzekTBD
19Trevor CahillTBD
20Kyle LobsteinTBD
21Bud NorrisTBD
22John DanksTBD
23Jonathon NieseTBD
24Kyle GibsonTBD
25Mark BuehrleTBD
26Jeremy HellicksonTBD
27Tim LincecumTBD
28Nick MartinezTBD
29Mike FiersTBD
29Alex WojciehowskiTBD

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Best Daily Fantasy Pitcher Starts

Friday 4/25/2015 Best Fantasy Pitcher Starts
1Adam WainwrightTBD
1James PaxtonTBD
3C.J. WilsonTBD
4Stephen StrasburgTBD
5Brandon McCarthyTBD
6Shelby MillerTBD
7Kendall GravemanTBD
8Jake ArrietaTBD
9Edinson VolquezTBD
10C.C. SabathiaTBD
11Alfredo SimonTBD
12A.J. BurnettTBD
13Matt HarveyTBD
14Ian KennedyTBD
15Wei-Yin ChenTBD
16Erasmo RamirezTBD
17Alex DeSclafaniTBD
18Daniel NorrisTBD
19David BuchananTBD
20John DanksTBD
21Justin MastersonTBD
22Toby KoehlerTBD
23Jorge de la RosaTBD
24Trevor BauerTBD
25Scott FeldmanTBD
26Rubby de la RosaTBD
27Tim HudsonTBD
28Wily PeraltaTBD
29Trevor MayTBD
30Colby LewisTBD

Friday, April 24, 2015

Best Daily Fantasy Pitcher Starts

Thursday 4/24/2015 Best Fantasy Pitcher Starts
1F.Hernandez (SEA, vs MIN)TBD
2G.Richards (LAA, vs TEX)TBD
3Z.Greinke (LAN, @ SD)TBD
4G.Cole (PIT, @ ARI)TBD
5S.Kazmir (OAK, vs HOU)TBD
6M.Pineda (NYA, vs NYN)TBD
7S.Greene (DET, vs CLE)TBD
8C.Martinez (STL, @ MIL)TBD
9J.Zimmerman (WAS, @ MIA)TBD
10A.Wood (ATL, @ PHI)TBD
11J.Lester (CHN, @ CIN)TBD
12R.Dickey (TOR, @ TB)TBD
13A.Cashner (SD, vs LAN)TBD
14M.Gonzalez (BAL, vs BOS)TBD
15A.Harang (PHI, vs ATL)TBD
16D.Duffy (KC, @ CHA)TBD
17D.Smyly (TB, vs TOR)TBD
18M.Leake (CIN, vs CHN)TBD
19J.Quintana (CHA, vs KC)TBD
20M.Latos (MIA, vs WAS)TBD
21D.Keuchel (HOU, @ OAK)TBD
22J.deGrom (NYN, @ NYA)TBD
23E.Butler (COL, vs SF)TBD
24R.Porcello (BOS, @ BAL)TBD
25M.Garza (MIL, vs STL)TBD
26C.Heston (SF, @ COL)TBD
27D.Salazar (CLE, @ DET)TBD
28J.Collmenter (ARI, vs PIT)TBD
29P.Hughes (MIN, @ SEA)TBD
30W.Rodriguez (TEX, @ LAA)TBD

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Today's Best Fantasy Pitcher Starts

This is iteration (or version) one of an algorithm I am developing to list the best pitchers to start on a given day in a standard fantasy baseball league. This algorithm will progressively get better and list more important information. What you are looking at is the first iteration of this process. The list currently takes into consideration the chances for the team to win and how many runs the pitcher is likely to give up. Not perfect, but a good start.
Thursday 4/23/2015 Best Fantasy Pitcher Starts
1Max ScherzerLOSS, 7ip, 2er, 6h, 4k, 0bb
2Chris SaleND, 7ip, 2er, 9h, 2k, 1bb
3Bartolo ColonWIN, 6ip, 3er, 7h, 5k, 0bb
4Drew HutchisonWIN, 8ip, 2er, 4h, 7k, 0bb
5David PhelpsWIN, 7ip, 0er, 3h, 5k, 2bb
6Homer BaileyND, 5.2ip, 2er, 7h, 3k, 1bb
7Jake OdorizziND, 6.2ip, 1er, 3h, 3k, 3bb
7Jeff LockeND, 5ip, 4er, 7h, 7k, 3bb
9Ryan VogelsongND, 6ip, 2er, 3h, 5k, 1bb
9Mike BolsingerND, 5.2ip, 1er, 5h, 5k, 2bb
11Anibal SanchezND, 6.1ip, 1er, 1h, 8k, 4bb
12Jesse SanchezLOSS, 6ip, 1er, 1h, 4k, 3bb
13Michael WachaWIN, 7ip, 1er, 5h, 6k, 2bb
14Clay BuchholzND, 6ip, 1er, 2h, 10k, 3bb
14Masahiro TanakaND, 6.1ip, 1er, 3h, 6k, 2bb
16Julio TeheranLOSS, 4.1ip, 4er, 3h, 5k, 5bb
17Nick TropeanoWIN, 6ip, 0er, 5h, 5k, 1bb
18Dustin McGowanLOSS, 3.1ip, 4er, 3h, 4k, 4bb
18Kyle HendricksND, 5.1ip, 3er, 5h, 2k, 0bb
20Yordano VenturaND, 7ip, 2er, 5h, 8k, 1bb
21Tyson RossLOSS, 5ip, 2er, 6h, 7k, 4bb
22Kyle LohseWIN, 7ip, 2er, 3h, 4k, 1bb
23Jordan LylesWIN, 6.2ip, 1er, 6h, 4k, 2bb
24Chris TillmanLOSS, 4.1ip, 7er, 5h, 3k, 5bb

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Early Season Look At Offense

A quick look reveals that offense is down once again this season. Though it is still early and we are in April and we could be seeing an effect from cold early spring temperatures. Either way this is what the data looks like so far. I will check back on this a little later in the season to see what the trend looks like.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Exportable 2015 MLB Schedule

Something that is difficult to find on the internet is an excel download file of the 2015 MLB Schedule.  I have taken the time to write a script that takes the 2015 MLB Schedule and converts it to an easy to use CSV file and uploaded it to google docs.  The file is free to download and can be found at the following link.

Here is the format that the file is in

Game ID,Year,Month,Day,Time,Away,Home

1,2015,4,5,8:05 PM,Cardinals,Cubs
2,2015,4,6,1:05 PM,Blue Jays,Yankees
3,2015,4,6,1:08 PM,Twins,Tigers
4,2015,4,6,2:10 PM,Rockies,Brewers
5,2015,4,6,3:05 PM,Red Sox,Phillies
6,2015,4,6,3:10 PM,Orioles,Rays
7,2015,4,6,4:05 PM,Mets,Nationals
8,2015,4,6,4:10 PM,Braves,Marlins
9,2015,4,6,4:10 PM,White Sox,Royals
10,2015,4,6,4:10 PM,Angels,Mariners
2426,2015,10,4,3:10 PM,Athletics,Mariners
2427,2015,10,4,3:10 PM,Padres,Dodgers
2428,2015,10,4,3:10 PM,Blue Jays,Rays
2429,2015,10,4,3:10 PM,Nationals,Mets
2430,2015,10,4,4:10 PM,Astros,D-backs

Please keep in mind that game times and dates will be changing due to rain and I will not be maintaining these changes.