Friday, November 30, 2012

Tommy Hanson, Why You Hating On Me

The big news for the Angels was the trade for Tommy Hanson. Hanson has had his ups and downs over the past year, regressing a little bit from the hot start his career got off to. Nonetheless, he has still posted some pretty good peripherals over the past two seasons. Looking at his numbers over the past two years, while giving more weight to the most recent season, Hanson has still put up some pretty decent numbers. Hanson's tendancy is to be more of a fly ball pitcher, which makes his higher than normal walk rate a little troubling... hopefully Angels Stadium can help suppress that. Overall, I think the trade was a good one for the Angels. They need starting pitching and Hanson is better than he is given credit for. His closest comparable pitchers "skill-wise" are strike-out machines who are a little on the wild side.

Top 20 Most Similar Starting Pitchers

NATommy Hanson8.793.521.00
1Matt Moore9.074.080.87
2Erik Bedard8.573.771.23
3Brandon Beachy9.203.070.87
4Michael Pineda9.112.890.81
5Bud Norris8.713.481.00
6James McDonald7.773.780.96
7Felipe Paulino8.953.611.23
8Brandon Morrow8.933.200.95
9Ryan Dempster8.183.101.23
10Lance Lynn9.193.281.39
11J.A. Happ8.483.930.97
12Felix Doubront9.343.971.32
13Jarrod Parker6.873.111.44
14Josh Johnson7.873.051.52
15Clayton Kershaw9.262.341.27
16Justin Verlander9.012.181.09
17Tim Lincecum9.174.031.49
18Cole Hamels8.712.061.36
19Ryan Vogelsong7.333.021.21
20James Shields8.552.321.59

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