Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ted Lilly, Should He Stay Or Should He Go

There he is, Jered Weaver.  Showing up a third time as the number one comparable for a Dodger starting pitcher.  He was number one on the chart for both Josh Beckett and Chris Capuano.  I think with Lilly though this may be slightly misleading because the walk rates are quite a bit different, with Lilly walking 0.58 more batters per 9 innings than Weaver.  Where the difference is made up at is the heavy fly ball rates both pitchers have.

Top 50 Similar Starting Pitchers

NATed Lilly6.922.730.82
1Jered Weaver7.132.150.76
2Ryan Vogelsong7.333.021.21
3Ian Kennedy8.062.320.92
4Matt Cain7.682.270.96
5Josh Beckett7.462.621.08
6Jeremy Hellickson6.023.170.97
7Ervin Santana6.852.981.15
8Daniel Hudson6.992.121.06
9Shaun Marcum7.512.770.86
10Alexi Ogando6.662.250.95
11Freddy Garcia6.752.951.02
12Randy Wolf5.912.891.09
13Philip Humber6.853.021.07
14Javier Vazquez7.592.340.74
15Bruce Chen6.282.440.74
16Derek Holland7.522.801.18
17Mike Minor7.532.920.86
18Jason Vargas5.852.410.93
19John Danks6.432.931.17
20Chris Capuano7.652.481.04
21Brett Cecil6.843.210.85
22Travis Wood6.663.190.77
23Carlos Villanueva7.372.290.75
24Phil Hughes7.392.300.69
25John Lackey6.073.151.08
26Wei-Yin Chen7.212.670.88
27Jarrod Parker6.873.111.44
28Josh Johnson7.873.051.52
29Clayton Kershaw9.262.341.27
30Justin Verlander9.012.181.09
31Cole Hamels8.712.061.36
32Jair Jurrjens4.752.891.07
33Vance Worley7.513.101.35
34Hiroki Kuroda6.972.131.56
35Nathan Eovaldi5.973.721.40
36Kyle Kendrick6.172.271.32
37Jordan Zimmermann7.011.901.16
38Dan Haren7.251.631.05
39Madison Bumgarner8.322.091.41
40Ross Detwiler5.572.681.59
41R.A. Dickey7.822.181.43
42Matt Garza8.682.831.42
43Brandon McCarthy6.201.651.29
44Kyle Lohse5.821.761.13
45Matt Harrison5.812.601.54
46Jeff Karstens5.731.661.18
47Chris Carpenter7.152.031.49
48Mat Latos8.182.801.18
49Jon Lester7.743.181.63
50Clay Buchholz6.233.121.42

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