Saturday, November 24, 2012

Who Is Similar To Josh Beckett?

Well, next up on the Dodgers starting pitcher depth chart is Josh Beckett who came over to the Dodgers in their much belliehood trade with the Red Sox last year.  Below, are the Top 50 most similar pitchers "peripheral-wise", based on K/9, BB/9 and GB/FB over the past two seasons.

So are you impressed that his number one comparable pitcher is Jered Weaver who has gone 38-13 for the Angels over the past two seasons?  The big difference being that Weaver has outpitched his FIP/xFIP by quite a bit while Beckett has not.  Could be some luck involved there for Weaver or perhaps pitching in a ballpark that turns fly balls in to outs.  The two pitchers are at different points on the aging curve, but over the past two years their peripherals have been highly comparable.

2012 Top 50 Similar Starting Pitchers

NAJosh Beckett7.462.621.08
1Jered Weaver7.132.150.76
2Ryan Vogelsong7.333.021.21
3Ian Kennedy8.062.320.92
4Matt Cain7.682.270.96
5Vance Worley7.513.101.35
6Jordan Zimmermann7.011.901.16
7R.A. Dickey7.822.181.43
8Ervin Santana6.852.981.15
9Mat Latos8.182.801.18
10Daniel Hudson6.992.121.06
11Wandy Rodriguez6.672.731.44
12Shaun Marcum7.512.770.86
13Alexi Ogando6.662.250.95
14Freddy Garcia6.752.951.02
15Anibal Sanchez8.292.491.37
16Philip Humber6.853.021.07
17Javier Vazquez7.592.340.74
18Edwin Jackson7.502.781.35
19Derek Holland7.522.801.18
20Ted Lilly6.922.730.82
21Jeff Niemann7.332.591.44
22Mike Minor7.532.920.86
23John Danks6.432.931.17
24Gavin Floyd7.452.861.29
25Homer Bailey7.262.251.20
26Brett Myers6.602.401.42
27Chris Capuano7.652.481.04
28Luke Hochevar6.542.911.35
29Brett Cecil6.843.210.85
30Ryan Dempster8.183.101.23
31Jake Peavy7.842.010.86
32Carlos Villanueva7.372.290.75
33Brian Duensing6.132.481.21
34Phil Hughes7.392.300.69
35Wei-Yin Chen7.212.670.88
36Jarrod Parker6.873.111.44
37Josh Johnson7.873.051.52
38Clayton Kershaw9.262.341.27
39Johnny Cueto6.732.241.70
40Roy Halladay8.031.731.51
41Cliff Lee8.991.371.29
42Justin Verlander9.012.181.09
43Cole Hamels8.712.061.36
44James Shields8.552.321.59
45Doug Fister6.961.841.70
46C.J. Wilson7.953.631.63
47Jeremy Hellickson6.023.170.97
48Jair Jurrjens4.752.891.07
49CC Sabathia8.812.121.56
50Hiroki Kuroda6.972.131.56

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