Monday, December 03, 2012

Anibal Sanchez, Is He Any Good?

Yes.  Yes he is.  He seems to be a good value play as a free agent this off-season.  He doesn't have the glitz and glamour but he has the arm and a solid group of comparable pitchers for his three most important skill based peripherals.  While his K/9 is down from his 2011 campaign, he did walk less batters and raise his GB/FB ratio.  Anibal Sanchez is going to make some team a nice little starting pitcher.  Who will be the lucky suitor.

Top 20 Most Similar Starting Pitchers

NAAnibal Sanchez8.292.491.37
1Josh Johnson7.873.051.52
2Clayton Kershaw9.262.341.27
3Roy Halladay8.031.731.51
4Justin Verlander9.012.181.09
5Cole Hamels8.712.061.36
6Ryan Vogelsong7.333.021.21
7James Shields8.552.321.59
8Josh Beckett7.462.621.08
9CC Sabathia8.812.121.56
10Vance Worley7.513.101.35
11Madison Bumgarner8.322.091.41
12R.A. Dickey7.822.181.43
13Matt Garza8.682.831.42
14Chris Carpenter7.152.031.49
15Felix Hernandez8.622.331.68
16Mat Latos8.182.801.18
17David Price8.752.521.61
18Yovani Gallardo9.003.191.41
19Edwin Jackson7.502.781.35
20Zack Greinke9.172.321.64

Note: Peripherals are 2011 and 2012 stats, with the 2012 stats carrying a weight of 5 and the 2011 stats carrying a weight of 3.

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