Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 25th Simulations

Dodgers Look To Reel In For Real Marlins ...

Visitors Home Probable Pitching Matchup Favorite Vegas Win Prob Simulator Win Prob Final Score
Dodgers Marlins J.Garland vs R.Nolasco Marlins 57.63% 61.42% FLA 5-4
White Sox Yankees P.Humber vs I.Nova Yankees 65.03% 67.87% CHA 2-0
Braves Padres D.Lowe vs D.Moseley Braves 55.16% 50.82% SD 5-3
Blue Jays Rangers K.Drabek vs C.Lewis Rangers 59.02% 58.42% TOR 6-4
Athletics Angels G.Gonzalez vs J.Weaver Angels 59.35% 57.45% LAA 5-0
Reds Brewers B.Arroyo vs C.Narveson Brewers 54.55% 51.14% CIN 9-5
Phillies DBacks C.Lee vs I.Kennedy Phillies 59.68% 58.31% ARI 4-0
Rockies Cubs E.Rogers vs M.Garza Cubs 55.56% 57.37% COL 5-3
Nationals Pirates J.Lannan vs P.Maholm Pirates 53.70% 54.02% PIT 4-2

Below are the results from the simulation of Monday's Dodgers/Marlins game. Keep in mind it is nearly impossible to correctly project out the exact lineups this far out in advance, but they should hopefully be pretty close.

Dodgers Hitting Results
Jamey Carroll4.41.250.8260.3010.0460.0760.2890.2610.8960.3270.342
Casey Blake4.281.1690.6950.3140.020.1390.4180.2481.0540.3310.334
Andre Ethier4.1571.2210.7150.3130.0120.1810.5270.3650.940.3680.343
Matt Kemp4.0941.190.7430.2460.0180.1830.5860.2821.0780.3570.356
Juan Uribe4.0631.0620.620.280.0260.1350.5140.2170.8850.3190.305
James Loney3.9241.130.6910.3040.0160.1190.4730.2870.7270.3470.329
Jerry Sands3.8320.9850.6620.190.0070.1270.4390.2180.9730.3080.314
Rod Barajas3.6530.8150.5140.1840.0060.110.3640.2991.0590.2860.284
Pitchers Spot3.720.460.3660.0770.0030.0140.130.1181.8420.1410.239

Dodgers Pitching Results
Jon Garland5.653.9432.1736.8070.64793.5014.447
Johnathan Broxton0.3930.4680.1540.3580.0356.4673.156
Matt Guerrier0.4340.3250.1220.4890.0366.8783.635
Mike MacDougal0.7140.5440.3140.7980.06311.8854.146
Blake Hawksworth0.4020.2980.1830.480.0576.8114.925
Vicente Padilla0.6910.6060.2480.7830.08411.3884.107
Kenley Jansen0.3340.4030.1610.3240.045.7173.803
Lance Cormier0.0180.0110.010.0220.0020.3145.1

Seasonal ROI: -0.01%

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