Thursday, September 01, 2011

September 2nd Simulations

You Can Only Hope To Contain The Dodgers ...

Visitors Home Probable Pitching Matchup Favorite Vegas Win Prob Simulator Win Prob Final Score
Dodgers Braves C.Billingsley vs B.Beachy Braves 61.24% 64.49% LAN 8-6
Indians Royals J.Masterson vs B.Chen Indians 53.60% 56.28% TBD
White Sox Tigers J.Danks vs J.Verlander Tigers 67.21% 64.64% TBD
Orioles Rays Z.Britton vs D.Price Rays 67.21% 56.14% TBD
Pirates Cubs J.Karstens vs R.Dempster Cubs TBD 63.75% TBD
Brewers Astros Z.Greinke vs L.Harrell Brewers 67.74% 63.89% TBD
Mariners Athletics J.Vargas vs G.Moscoso Athletics 57.54% 58.48% TBD
Mets Nationals R.Dickey vs R.Detwiler Nationals 50.62% 50.71% TBD
Reds Cardinals J.Cueto vs C.Carpenter Cardinals 57.54% 64.68% TBD
Twins Angels C.Pavano vs J.Weaver Angels 69.23% 63.21% TBD
Rangers Red Sox D.Holland vs A.Miller Red Sox 56.43% 51.78% TBD
DBacks Giants J.Saunders vs M.Cain Giants 61.46% 66.58% TBD
Blue Jays Yankees B.Morrow vs I.Nova Yankees 62.05% 63.97% TBD
Rockies Padres K.Millwood vs A.Harang Padres 51.34% 48.77% TBD
Phillies Marlins R.Oswalt vs B.Hand Phillies TBD 56.72% TBD

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