Thursday, September 08, 2011

Vegas Predicts Record Setting Low Scoring Game

Vegas has set the Over/Under (also known as Total Runs) for today's Dodgers vs Giants game (pitched by Kershaw and Lincecum) at 5-1/2 runs. This is the second lowest run total of the season according to Vegas. And amazingly 18 out of the 19 lowest run totals are games that involve an NL West (non Rockies) team. Below is the list of the Top 10 lowest Vegas run totals from the 2011 season so far.

Rank Data Away Home Away SP Home SP Over/Under Actual Runs
107-17-2011SFSDMatt CainMat Latos5.47
209-09-2011LANSFClayton KershawTim Lincecum5.5TBD
305-21-2011SEASDMichael PinedaClayton Richard5.64
307-15-2011SFSDTim LincecumDustin Moseley5.67
307-27-2011ARISDIan KennedyCory Luebke5.67
306-28-2011ATLSEATommy HansonMichael Pineda5.69
706-26-2011LAALANJered WeaverClayton Kershaw5.75
707-20-2011LANSFClayton KershawTim Lincecum5.71
707-16-2011SFSDBarry ZitoCory Luebke5.714
1005-21-2011OAKSFBrett AndersonTim Lincecum5.83
1006-02-2011HOUSDBud NorrisTim Stauffer5.811
1009-03-2011ARISFIan KennedyTim Lincecum5.89

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