Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vegas Top 20 Lowest Run Total Games of 2011

Here is a table listing the Top 20 "lowest" over/under lines from Vegas so far during the 2011 season. Since there is a tie at #20 I have listed the Top 24. Out of those 24 games 14 of them have gone "Over" and 10 of them have gone "Under". Still a rather small sample size to crown Vegas as dumb or smart on this one, but still a good "sniff" test, which Vegas passes. Once again, the thing that amazes me, and maybe it shouldn't, is how many NL West games are in this table (22 out of 24 for those of you keeping track at home).

DateVisitorsHomeVis PitcherHome PitcherVegas O/UActual RunsResultVegas Rank
07-17-2011SFSDMatt CainMat Latos5.47Over1
09-09-2011LANSFClayton KershawTim Lincecum5.53Under2
05-21-2011SEASDMichael PinedaClayton Richard5.64Under3
07-15-2011SFSDTim LincecumDustin Moseley5.67Over3
07-27-2011ARISDIan KennedyCory Luebke5.67Over3
06-28-2011ATLSEATommy HansonMichael Pineda5.69Over3
06-26-2011LAALANJered WeaverClayton Kershaw5.75Under7
07-20-2011LANSFClayton KershawTim Lincecum5.71Under7
07-16-2011SFSDBarry ZitoCory Luebke5.714Over7
05-21-2011OAKSFBrett AndersonTim Lincecum5.83Under10
06-02-2011HOUSDBud NorrisTim Stauffer5.811Over10
09-03-2011ARISFIan KennedyTim Lincecum5.89Over10
05-22-2011SEASDFelx HernandezTim Stauffer5.97Over13
08-01-2011LANSDClayton KershawCory Luebke5.98Over13
07-26-2011COLLANJhoulys ChacinClayton Kershaw5.95Under13
08-29-2011SDLANMat LatosClayton Kershaw5.95Under13
07-05-2011SDSFTim StaufferMatt Cain5.98Over13
06-26-2011ATLSDTim HudsonCory Luebke5.95Under13
08-02-2011ARISFDaniel HudsonTim Lincecum5.97Over13
05-10-2011PHIFLARoy HalladayJosh Johnson63Under20
08-13-2011HOULANWandy RodriguezClayton Kershaw67Over20
08-08-2011PHILANRoy HalladayHiroki Kuroda68Over20
07-02-2011LANLAAClayton KershawJered Weaver68Over20
08-24-2011SDSFTim StaufferTim Lincecum63Under20

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