Tuesday, October 29, 2013

World Series Remaining Game Odds

With a maximum of two games remaining in the 2013 World Series this is the last installment of the reverse engineered game odds.  The only unknown left is the odds for Game #7.  The Game #6 odds and the final series winner odds are both out and from those two knowns we can reverse engineer what the Game #7 odds are (or should be).

     Individual Game Odds
Game # Red SoxCardinals
Game 1100%0%
Game 20%100%
Game 30%100%
Game 4100%0%
Game 5100%0%
Game 653.16%46.84%
Game 755.75%44.25%

And using the nifty spreadsheet calculator that one of my readers made for me, we can also see the chances that each team wins the series in X number of games.  There are only three possible outcomes left obviously and they are the Red Sox winning in six or seven games or the Cardinals winning in seven games.  Here is another table showing those odds.

ResultChance %Odds
Red Sox in 40.0%NA
Red Sox in 50.0%NA
Red Sox in 653.16%0.88
Red Sox in 726.11%2.83
Cardinals in 40.0%NA
Cardinals in 50.0%NA
Cardinals in 60.0%NA
Cardinals in 720.73%3.82

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