Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 12th Simulations

Dodgers Hope To Be A Pain In The Astros ...

HummaKavula breaks down the Astros/Dodgers series in a masterful poem over at TBLA.

Oh, there’s a chance, I’ll accept,
but unlikely the Dodgers get swept.
It’s most likely you’ll see
them take two of three
In the battle of who’s more inept.

Visitors Home Probable Pitching Matchup Favorite Vegas Win Prob Simulator Win Prob Final Score
Astros Dodgers B.Norris vs N.Eovaldi Dodgers TBD 57.11% LAN 1-0
Angels Blue Jays E.Santana vs B.Morrow Blue Jays TBD 59.12% TBD
Royals White Sox B.Chen vs Z.Stewart White Sox TBD 59.64% TBD
Tigers Orioles B.Penny vs A.Simon Orioles TBD 50.76% TBD
Giants Marlins M.Cain vs R.Nolasco Giants TBD 52.35% TBD
Cubs Braves C.Zambrano vs M.Minor Braves TBD 59.86% TBD
Red Sox Mariners J.Lackey vs B.Beavan Red Sox TBD 59.66% TBD
Rangers Athletics C.Wilson vs B.McCarthy Rangers TBD 54.21% TBD
Rays Yankees D.Price vs C.Sabathia Yankees TBD 68.13% TBD
Padres Reds M.Latos vs B.Arroyo Reds TBD 51.72% TBD
Twins Indians C.Pavano vs J.Masterson Indians TBD 58.06% TBD
Mets DBacks D.Gee vs I.Kennedy DBacks TBD 64.52% TBD
Nationals Phillies L.Hernandez vs C.Hamels Phillies TBD 69.22% TBD
Rockies Cardinals A.Cook vs K.Lohse Cardinals TBD 58.89% TBD
Pirates Brewers P.Maholm vs Z.Greinke Brewers TBD 63.95% TBD

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