Monday, April 02, 2012

Giants Able To Sign Matt Cain

The Giants signed Matt Cain to a 6 year $127.5M deal. Is he worth this kind of money? No, probably not. He did amass 5.2 fWAR last year and if for some reason you think that is his new baseline then one could probably make an argument in his favor. But let's keep in mind that he did so putting up an unsustainable 0.37 HR/9, 70.6 LOB% and a low BABIP against of 0.260. The Giants bought high on Matt Cain. Let's take a look at three of the main skill stats (K/9, BB/9, GB/FB) that a pitcher can control and compare Matt Cain to his recent peers. The comparison will not take into consideration age, as I am just looking at current skill comparables. I looked at 2010 and 2011 data only.

Matt Cain7.22.510.91
Rank Name K/9 BB/9 GB/FB
1Shaun Marcum7.342.270.88
2Daniel Hudson7.182.180.98
3Jake Peavy7.592.430.99
4John Danks6.972.721.18
5Roy Oswalt7.342.271.25
6Gavin Floyd7.152.441.36
7Bartolo Colon7.182.181.24
8Ervin Santana6.922.890.98
9Javier Vazquez7.242.970.74
10Travis Wood6.852.830.68
11Joe Blanton6.972.151.22
12Ted Lilly7.552.210.64
13Alexi Ogando6.682.320.92
14Homer Bailey7.692.731.07
15Brett Myers6.932.531.41
16Phil Hughes6.882.960.76
17Hiroki Kuroda7.232.191.41
18Jordan Zimmermann7.071.920.99
19Jeff Niemann6.792.861.21
20Matt Garza7.772.81.04
21Ricky Nolasco7.31.911.22
22Chris Capuano7.882.611.05
23Johan Santana6.512.490.76
24Chris Carpenter7.052.251.59
25Ian Kennedy7.922.70.91
26Ryan Vogelsong6.993.141.34

So, not exactly a stellar group of comparables. Good but not elite or record breaking good.

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