Monday, April 02, 2012

Cory Luebke Budding Ace Or Mirage

Cory Luebke, the Padres 27 year old pitcher made news this spring signing a four year deal with the club. Luebke who didn't really show all that much promise in the minor leagues has impressed heavily in over 100 innings pitched as a starter in the big leagues. While it is a very small sample size (IP-116), Luebke's skill related numbers have been great. How great? Let's take a look at the closest comparables to Luebke using the pitching skilled related stats of K/9, BB/9 and GB/FB over the past two seasons. Like I mentioned above, keep in mind the small sample size and the high probability for some regression from Luebke. The comparables are interesting though.

Cory Luebke9.752.550.96
Rank Pitcher K/9 BB/9 GB/FB
1Clayton Kershaw9.462.781.04
2Yovani Gallardo9.343.071.29
3Michael Pineda9.112.890.81
4Justin Verlander8.882.420.98
5Mat Latos8.882.661.07
6Josh Johnson8.932.511.39
7Brandon Beachy10.573.040.77
8Tim Lincecum9.453.41.5
9Zack Greinke8.782.31.37
10Mike Minor8.72.950.92
11Cole Hamels8.622.241.37
12Tommy Hanson8.522.760.99
13Erik Bedard8.73.341.11
14Jon Lester9.173.561.65
15David Price8.442.961.16
16Jered Weaver8.432.150.71
17Brandon Morrow10.533.730.91
18Felix Hernandez8.452.551.72
19Max Scherzer8.252.91.02
20James Shields8.212.291.18

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