Saturday, May 17, 2014

Top 20 Games With The Largest Favorites

I found the Top 20 games that had the largest Vegas favorite this season as I was curious to see which teams and or pitchers frequented the list. The Astros(9), Cubs(4) and Twins(3) were the teams that showed up the most on the losing side with the Tigers(6), Athletics(3) and Cardinals(3) showing up the most on the favored side. No pitcher on the favored side shows up more than twice (Verlander, Tanaka, Scherzer, Wainwright). A win expectancy of 73.28% was the largest favorite we have seen so far when Jarred Cossart and the Astros lost to Justin Verlander and the Tigers by the score of 2-0. In these 20 games (SSS) the favorites did very well. You'd expect them to win around 13 or 14 of the 20 games but they won 16 of them for an 80% winning percentage. Of course 20 games is a tiny sample so there is nothing out of the ordinary for winning 16 out of these 20 games. Anyways, most of the fun is just in the list... and here it is.

DateAwayHomeAway SPHome SPVegas FaveML FaveML DogVegas Win ExpResult
5/5/2014HOUDETJarred CosartMax ScherzerDET-27025472.38DET 2-0
4/21/2014HOUSEADallas KeuchelFelix HernandezSEA-26224771.79HOU 7-2
4/20/2014HOUOAKBrad PeacockJesse ChavezOAK-25523571.01OAK 4-1
4/22/2014CHADETChris LeesmanJustin VerlanderDET-25023070.59DET 8-6
5/9/2014MINDETPhil HughesJustin VerlanderDET-23522569.70MIN 2-1
5/7/2014HOUDETBrad PeacockRick PorcelloDET-23022069.23DET 3-2
5/10/2014MINDETKyle GibsonMax ScherzerDET-22821869.04DET 9-3
4/11/2014HOUTEXScott FeldmanYu DarvishTEX-22521568.75TEX 1-0
5/13/2014CHNSTLJake ArrietaAdam WainwrightSTL-23021068.75STL 4-3
4/10/2014MIAWASTom KoehlerStephen StrasburgWAS-21620667.85WAS 7-1
4/10/2014HOUTORDallas KeuchelR.A. DickeyTOR-21520567.74HOU 6-4
4/13/2014CHNSTLEdwin JacksonMichael WachaSTL-21520567.74STL 6-4
4/12/2014CHNSTLCarlos VillanuevaAdam WainwrightSTL-21320367.53STL 10-4
4/19/2014HOUOAKBrad OberholtzerScott KazmirOAK-21519567.21OAK 4-3
4/18/2014HOUOAKJarred CosartSonny GrayOAK-20019066.10OAK 11-3
4/22/2014MINTBKyle GibsonDavid PriceTB-20318766.10TB 7-3
4/9/2014MIAWASBrad HandJordan ZimmermannWAS-20218565.93WAS 10-7
4/16/2014CHNNYAJason HammelMasahiro TanakaNYA-20018565.81NYA 3-0
5/8/2014HOUDETDallas KeuchelDrew SmylyDET-19718865.81HOU 6-2
5/3/2014TBNYAJake OdorizziMasahiro TanakaNYA-19518765.64NYA 9-3

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