Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Braves Have Only Seen The Piece Of Crap Dodgers Team

The Braves and Dodgers faced each other seven times during the regular season with the Braves winning 5 out of 7 games.  All seven games were back when the Dodgers were a crappy team.  The Braves never had to face Kershaw and only had to face Greinke once.  A game the Dodgers won 5-0.  Below is a list of the seven games, showing the starting pitching matchup for each game and the Vegas win probabilities for each game.

@ATL May 17th, Loss 5-8, Ryu vs Maholm, Braves 58.1%
@ATL May 18th, Loss 1-3, Capuano vs Medlen, Braves 62.9%
@ATL May 19th, Loss 2-5, Magill vs Minor, Braves 64.3%
@LAD June 6th, WIN 5-0, Hudson vs Greinke, Braves 50.4%
@LAD June 7th, WIN 2-1, Maholm vs Ryu, Dodgers 52.5%
@LAD June 8th, LOSS 1-2, Medlen vs Fife, Braves 56.2%
@LAD June 9th, LOSS 1-8, Minor vs Magill, Braves 61.8%

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