Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Relegated To Baseball

Last March I proposed (for fun) my answer to the rumors of baseball realignment, a relegation system that placed all 30 MLB teams into three tiers. For a complete breakdown of my plan you can go here. What I'd like to show you are what the 2010 playoffs would've looked like under my plan and what the new 2011 divisions/tiers would look like.

2010 Playoffs
(T3#1 vs T3#2) vs T1#1
T1#4 vs T1#5
T2#1 vs T1#3
T2#2 vs T1#2

(Mets vs Padres) Winner vs Phillies
Giants vs Twins
Braves vs Yankees
Reds vs Rays

2011 Alignment
Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Phillies Rangers (y)Cubs
Rays Blue Jays (y)Mariners
Yankees (x)Padres Diamondbacks
Giants Brewers Indians
Twins White Sox Royals
Cardinals (y)Marlins Orioles
Rockies (y)Angels Nationals
Red Sox Athletics Pirates
Tigers (x)Mets  
(x)Braves Astros  

x - denotes moved up a tier.
y - denotes moved down a tier.

MLB Odds

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