Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Simulations for Wednesday, April 16th

Teams Playing Pitching Matchup Sim Favorite Simulator Odds Vegas Odds Log5 Winner
Pirates vs Dodgers P.Maholm vs B.Penny Dodgers 57.33% 64.91% NA Dodgers
DBacks vs Giants B.Webb vs B.Zito DBacks 53.77% 63.64% NA DBacks
Rockies vs Padres M.Redman vs J.Germano Padres 52.83% 57.45% NA Rockies
Vegas Baseball Odds
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Method Daily Points Total Points
Xeifrank's Simulator 158.27 2201.29
LV Hilton Odds 171.10 2237.07
LV Hilton leads by 1.63
Note: DBacks 2008 ZIPS Projections are killing me. I will shortly switch the DBacks over to a more generous projection system.

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