Thursday, April 24, 2008

Simulations for Friday, April 25th

Teams Playing Pitching Matchup Sim Favorite Simulator Odds Vegas Odds Log5 Winner
Rockies vs Dodgers U.Jimenez vs H.Kuroda Dodgers 57.03% 58.33% NA Dodgers
DBacks vs Padres R.Johnson vs R.Wolf DBacks 52.15% 50.00% NA DBacks
Reds vs Giants A.Harang vs J.Sanchez Giants 50.60% 44.44% NA Giants
Marlins vs Brewers S.Olsen vs Y.Gallardo Brewers 58.40% 59.68% NA Marlins
Vegas Baseball Odds
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Method Daily Points Total Points
Xeifrank's Simulator 201.38 3796.67
LV Hilton Odds 193.09 3852.36
100-Fave Method 150 3800
LV Hilton leads by 1.47%
Note: Posts by commentor Matt has led me to track a method that puts a confidence score of 100% on all Vegas favorites as another tracking method. I may or may not continue this method. Time will tell.
Note: Log5 method won't be used until approximately May 15th.

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