Thursday, April 23, 2015

Today's Best Fantasy Pitcher Starts

This is iteration (or version) one of an algorithm I am developing to list the best pitchers to start on a given day in a standard fantasy baseball league. This algorithm will progressively get better and list more important information. What you are looking at is the first iteration of this process. The list currently takes into consideration the chances for the team to win and how many runs the pitcher is likely to give up. Not perfect, but a good start.
Thursday 4/23/2015 Best Fantasy Pitcher Starts
1Max ScherzerLOSS, 7ip, 2er, 6h, 4k, 0bb
2Chris SaleND, 7ip, 2er, 9h, 2k, 1bb
3Bartolo ColonWIN, 6ip, 3er, 7h, 5k, 0bb
4Drew HutchisonWIN, 8ip, 2er, 4h, 7k, 0bb
5David PhelpsWIN, 7ip, 0er, 3h, 5k, 2bb
6Homer BaileyND, 5.2ip, 2er, 7h, 3k, 1bb
7Jake OdorizziND, 6.2ip, 1er, 3h, 3k, 3bb
7Jeff LockeND, 5ip, 4er, 7h, 7k, 3bb
9Ryan VogelsongND, 6ip, 2er, 3h, 5k, 1bb
9Mike BolsingerND, 5.2ip, 1er, 5h, 5k, 2bb
11Anibal SanchezND, 6.1ip, 1er, 1h, 8k, 4bb
12Jesse SanchezLOSS, 6ip, 1er, 1h, 4k, 3bb
13Michael WachaWIN, 7ip, 1er, 5h, 6k, 2bb
14Clay BuchholzND, 6ip, 1er, 2h, 10k, 3bb
14Masahiro TanakaND, 6.1ip, 1er, 3h, 6k, 2bb
16Julio TeheranLOSS, 4.1ip, 4er, 3h, 5k, 5bb
17Nick TropeanoWIN, 6ip, 0er, 5h, 5k, 1bb
18Dustin McGowanLOSS, 3.1ip, 4er, 3h, 4k, 4bb
18Kyle HendricksND, 5.1ip, 3er, 5h, 2k, 0bb
20Yordano VenturaND, 7ip, 2er, 5h, 8k, 1bb
21Tyson RossLOSS, 5ip, 2er, 6h, 7k, 4bb
22Kyle LohseWIN, 7ip, 2er, 3h, 4k, 1bb
23Jordan LylesWIN, 6.2ip, 1er, 6h, 4k, 2bb
24Chris TillmanLOSS, 4.1ip, 7er, 5h, 3k, 5bb

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