Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Exportable 2015 MLB Schedule

Something that is difficult to find on the internet is an excel download file of the 2015 MLB Schedule.  I have taken the time to write a script that takes the 2015 MLB Schedule and converts it to an easy to use CSV file and uploaded it to google docs.  The file is free to download and can be found at the following link.

Here is the format that the file is in

Game ID,Year,Month,Day,Time,Away,Home

1,2015,4,5,8:05 PM,Cardinals,Cubs
2,2015,4,6,1:05 PM,Blue Jays,Yankees
3,2015,4,6,1:08 PM,Twins,Tigers
4,2015,4,6,2:10 PM,Rockies,Brewers
5,2015,4,6,3:05 PM,Red Sox,Phillies
6,2015,4,6,3:10 PM,Orioles,Rays
7,2015,4,6,4:05 PM,Mets,Nationals
8,2015,4,6,4:10 PM,Braves,Marlins
9,2015,4,6,4:10 PM,White Sox,Royals
10,2015,4,6,4:10 PM,Angels,Mariners
2426,2015,10,4,3:10 PM,Athletics,Mariners
2427,2015,10,4,3:10 PM,Padres,Dodgers
2428,2015,10,4,3:10 PM,Blue Jays,Rays
2429,2015,10,4,3:10 PM,Nationals,Mets
2430,2015,10,4,4:10 PM,Astros,D-backs

Please keep in mind that game times and dates will be changing due to rain and I will not be maintaining these changes.


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