Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vegas Loves These Pitchers

This blog entry was inspired by a discussion at The Book Blog regarding how often the Phillies were the favorite team to win in Vegas when Roy Halladay was pitching based on an arbitrary opponent. I took it a step further and looked at the actual empirical data from the 2011 season. Then I took things another step further and looked at a few other pitchers of interest. Below are the results.

PitcherGSFavoredUnderdogFave %MaxMinAverageActual Win%
Roy Halladay17170100.0070.5951.2263.8582.35
C.C. Sabathia17170100.0067.2152.4961.0970.59
Jon Lester16160100.0069.4251.160.7956.25
Cliff Lee17170100.0069.751.160.3464.71
Justin Verlander1715288.2465.8141.4957.0964.71
Cole Hamels1614287.5068.7547.2859.5768.75
Tommy Hanson1614287.5069.2348.1958.162.5
Tim Lincecum1614287.5065.6448.4357.9462.5
Jered Weaver1815383.3364.8547.8556.3661.11
Jair Jurrjens1411378.5762.2642.1953.8271.43
Clayton Kershaw1712570.5965.2245.3553.9958.82
Josh Beckett1510566.6767.7437.7455.4366.67
Ian Kennedy1711664.7163.1735.450.8864.71
James Shields1610662.5064.0941.4153.5175
Anibal Sanchez1610662.5061.3935.6551.3850
Ricky Romero1811761.1160.2437.3850.1538.89

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