Friday, April 10, 2009

Dodgers vs Diamondbacks, April 10th

Visitors Home Probable Pitching Matchup Favorite Win Expectancy Over/Under
Dodgers Padres J.McDonald vs J.Garland Diamondbacks 54.71% 10.31

Who is Likely to have the Most...
Category Most 2nd Most 3rd Most 4th Most 5th Most
Home Runs M.Ramirez C.Young M.Reynolds J.Upton C.Jackson
Triples S.Drew O.Hudson C.Young F.Lopez J.Upton
Doubles O.Hudson M.Ramirez C.Tracy A.Ethier J.Loney
Singles R.Furcal O.Hudson F.Lopez M.Ramirez M.Kemp
Walks S.Drew F.Lopez C.Tracy M.Montero M.Ramirez
Note: Figures may change once lineup is announced.


Eric Stephen said...

The lineups aren't yet announced, but one thing we know for sure is Ausmus will be starting at catcher.

Martin is shown as 5th most likely to have the most singles.

I'm sure Martin sitting will lower the Dodgers WE even more.

Webmeister said...

Ok, thanks Eric. I will confirm the Martin news and rerun the simulations if need be.
vr, Xei

Eric Stephen said...


Here are a few links to the Ausmus news:

Daily News

Webmeister said...

Ok, game results now reflect Brad Ausmus in the starting lineup (Batting 8th) instead of Russell Martin.
vr, Xei