Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Simulations for Thursday, June 26th

Teams Playing Pitching Matchup Sim Favorite Simulator Odds Sim/Actual Runs Vegas Odds AccuScore Winner
White Sox vs Dodgers J.Danks vs C.Kershaw White Sox 53.64% 8.49/2 51.22%/8 53%/8.8 White Sox
Twins vs Padres S.Baker vs J.Banks Padres 51.78% 7.44/7 48.78%/7.5 55%/7.4 Twins
Giants vs Indians M.Cain vs C.Lee Indians 55.54% 8.63/5 60.78%/8 61%/8.8 Indians
Rays vs Marlins M.Garza vs M.Hendrickson Rays 50.59% 8.95/7 53.49%/9 48%/9.8 Rays
Cardinals vs Tigers T.Wellemeyer vs N.Robertson Tigers 50.63% 9.20/5 55.56%/9.5 61%/10.2 Tigers
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Method Daily Points Total Points
Xeifrank's Simulator 258.62 19043.22
LV Hilton Odds 272.36 19216.23
AccuScore 268.00 19246.48
Pinnacle Sports
LV Hilton leads by 0.91%
AccuScore leads by 1.06%

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Dodgers Digest said...

Hello XeiFrank,

I would like to run a Baseball Simulation League using your simulator. Can I have your permission to use it? I will give you full credit for creating the program - I will be only modifying the line-ups and perhaps some of the projection files. If it's okay, can you please comment back on my blog?

Keep up the great work,
Dodgers Digest (