Thursday, May 22, 2008

Simulations for Friday, May 23rd

Teams Playing Pitching Matchup Sim Favorite Simulator Odds Vegas Odds AccuScore Winner
Cardinals vs Dodgers A.Wainwright vs D.Lowe Cardinals 53.53% 47.62% 42.00% Cardinals
Reds vs Padres E.Volquez vs S.Estes Reds 53.13% 57.45% 52.00% Reds
Mets vs Rockies O.Perez vs G.Reynolds Rockies 51.07% 50.00% 57.00% Rockies
DBacks vs Braves D.Davis vs J.Reyes Braves 51.53% 56.52% 61.00% DBacks
Giants vs Marlins B.Zito vs S.Olsen Marlins 64.23% 62.26% 62.00% Giants
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Method Daily Points Total Points
Xeifrank's Simulator 241.97 9612.23
LV Hilton Odds 236.29 9746.71
AccuScore 228.00 9721.48
LV Hilton leads by 1.40%
AccuScore leads by 1.14%
Note: I am currently fine tuning a more accurate comparison method. I am adding AccuScore as a 2nd comparison source. As of May 6th, I gave them the same score as my simulator.

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