Saturday, February 02, 2008

AL Central - Winter Rankings

AL Central - Winter Rankings

Next up, the AL Central. The Detroit juggernaught is the pre-season favorite. The addition of Miguel Cabrera along with an already potent lineup and top notch pitching staff will make the Tigers difficult to beat. The Indians may have a chance to do so, but it will take some luck on their part. Sabathia and Carmona are a solid 1-2 but the bottom half of the Indians rotation is suspect. The Twins, with a healthy Liriano should win close to half their games, while the Royals and White Sox will be two of the worst teams in the American League.

DET NA .5188 .5268 .5714 .5665 .5459
CLE .4813 NA .5073 .5434 .5600 .5230
MIN .4732 .4927 NA .5419 .5370 .5112
KC .4286 .4566 .4681 NA .5021 .4639
CWS .4335 .4401 .4630 .4979 NA .4586

Think of each sim game as:
Team A(Starting Pitcher, Bullpen, Offense)
Team B(Starting Pitcher, Bullpen, Offense)


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