Saturday, May 19, 2007

Simulations for Sunday, May 20th

Simulations for Sunday, May 20th. Current prediction record is 55-39.
Teams Playing Pitching Matchup Favored Team Expected Chance of Winning Outcome
Dodgers vs Angels D.Lowe vs K.Escobar Angels 55.80 Angels
Giants vs A's M.Morris vs J.Kennedy A's 54.55 Giants


Bobby t said...

To DodgerSim,
I downloaded your software and installed it and all i get is a runtime error after picking 2 teams to simulate. Could you check the software you have up for download. Thank you very much.
p.s. great job with the baskets this year.

Webmeister said...

Bobby, sounds like you are not getting the COMDLG32.OCX to install and register. When you run the setup.exe does it prompt you if you want to register this Active X component. It is needed to use the File->Open feature. That is my best guess as to your problem. If you still have a problem please email me at
vr, Xei