Friday, March 10, 2006

NL West Standings

Team W L GB Streak
PD Dodgers 32 19 _ Lost 1
Giants 28 23 4 Won 9
DBacks 27 24 5 Lost1
NC Dodgers 25 26 7 Lost 1
Padres 24 27 8 Won 2
Rockies 17 34 15 Lost 1


Jon said...

How have the Diamondbacks been playing .667 ball? Can they sustain it?

Webmeister said...

haha! Must be executing the small ball flawlessly. :)

Jon said...

Do you have season stats for individuals?

Webmeister said...

Sorry, no individual stats. As you can see I barely have time to keep this sim going as is.

walbers said...

what simulator are you using? Diamond Mind? rgds, will

Webmeister said...

I'm using my own simulation program. I can make it available for download if you want. I just need to pretty up a little first.
vr, Xei

slackfarmer said...

Very interesting. Do you have the rosters posted somewhere for the alternate Dodger clubs?