Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Series #5

NC Dodgers vs Rockies
Pitching Matchup Results Game MVP
O.Perez vs A.Cook NC Dodgers win 4-2 K.Lofton
J.Seo vs B.Kim Rockies win 7-3 Y.Torrealba
B.Tomko vs S.Kim NC Dodgers win 6-1 B.Tomko
Padres vs PD Dodgers
W.Williams vs J.Weaver Padres win 3-2 M.Bellhorn
S.Estes vs O.Perez PD Dodgers win 3-2 O.Perez
C.Park vs D.Houlton PD Dodgers win 4-1 O.Robles
Giants vs DBacks
M.Morris vs R.Ortiz Giants win 4-1 M.Alou
M.Cain vs B.Halsey Giants win 4-1 B.Bonds
B.Hennessey vs M.Batista DBacks win 2-1 M.Batista

Monday, January 30, 2006

Series #4

PD Dodgers vs NC Dodgers
Pitching Matchup Results Game MVP
D.Houlton vs B.Tomko NC Dodgers win 3-2 R.Furcal
B.Penny vs B.Penny PD Dodgers win 3-1 J.Drew
D.Lowe vs D.Lowe NC Dodgers win 4-3 J.Drew
Rockies vs DBacks
S.Kim vs M.Batista Rockies win 6-4 T.Helton
J.Jennings vs B.Webb Rockies win 9-4 T.Helton
J.Francis vs O.Hernandez DBacks win 4-0 O.Hernandez
Padres vs Giants
C.Park vs B.Hennessey Giants win 4-2 B.Hennessey
J.Peavy vs J.Schmidt Padres win 2-1 J.Peavy
C.Young vs N.Lowry Padres win 5-3 B.Giles

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Series #3

Diamondback vs NC Dodgers
Pitching Matchup Results Game MVP
O.Hernandez vs D.Lowe DBacks win 11-5 S.Green
R.Ortiz vs O.Perez DBacks win 6-2 L.Gonzalez
B.Halsey vs J.Seo NC Dodgers win 4-3 B.Mueller
Giants vs PD Dodgers
N.Lowry vs D.Lowe PD Dodgers win 2-1 D.Lowe
M.Morris vs J.Weaver Giants win 8-3 B.Bonds
M.Cain vs O.Perez Giants win 3-2 M.Cain
Rockies vs Padres
J.Francis vs C.Young Rockies win 7-4 G.Atkins
A.Cook vs W.Williams Rockies win 3-1 A.Cook
B.Kim vs S.Estes Rockies win 4-3 T.Helton

Friday, January 27, 2006

Series #2

NC Dodgers vs SF Giants
Pitching Matchup Results Game MVP
J.Seo vs M.Cain NC Dodgers win 16-6 J.Cruz
B.Tomko vs S.Hennessey NC Dodgers win 6-4 K.Kent
B.Penny vs J.Schmidt NC Dodgers win 5-3 J.Kent
Diamondbacks vs SD Padres
B.Halsey vs S.Estes DBacks win 3-0 B.Halsey
M.Batista vs C.Park D.Backs win 5-2 T.Clark
B.Webb vs J.Peavy Padres win 7-5 D.Mirabelli
PD Dodgers vs Rockies
O.Perez vs B.Kim PD Dodgers win 5-1 A.Perez
D.Houlton vs S.Kim PD Dodgers win 5-0 J.Drew
B.Penny vs J.Jennings PD Dodgers win 6-0 H.Choi

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Series #1

NC Dodgers vs San Diego Padres
Pitching Matchup Results Game MVP
Brad Penny vs Adam Eaton NC Dodgers win 3-0 JD Drew
Derek Lowe vs Chris Young NC Dodgers win 4-1 R.Furcal
Odalis Perez vs Woody Williams NC Dodgers win 7-1 O.Perez
SF Giants vs Colorado Rockies
Jason Schmidt vs Jason Jennings Giants win 9-3 B.Bonds
Noah Lowry vs Jeff Francis Rockies win 9-3 T.Helton
Matt Morris vs Aaron Cook Giants win 2-1 B.Bonds
Arizona DBacks vs PD Dodgers
B.Webb vs B.Penny PD Dodgers win 8-7 J.Cruz
O.Hernandez vs D.Lowe DBacks win 5-1 C.Counsel
R.Ortiz vs J.Weaver PD Dodgers win 6-2 JD.Drew

Sunday, January 15, 2006

NL West Preseason Simulation Season

Tonight is the beginning of the NL West Preseason Simulation Season. This simulated and shortened season will pit all five NL West teams, plus a second Dodger team made up of players that Paul DePodesta would of had headed into the 2006 offseason, before he was fired. The 6th team was added to make the schedule even and to see which Dodger team did better, Colleti's or Depo's. Each set of games will consist of a 3 game series and a 5 man pitching rotation will be used. The only stats that will be kept track of on a per game basis will be home runs, who the starting pitcher was and final game score. Let the games begin!